Chris. 19. Sinnoh trash. Waiting for my Sinnoh remakes.

thank you!!

poptart? don't you mean sodatart?

thank u for the

drag & drop




My cousin has finally taken interest in playing Pokemon when she asked me if water was super effective against fire. I just stared at her.


Black’s reaction though.


I’ll be slightly sad if they come out with another eeveeloution before the new games (‘A`) might tweak it a bit more but I’m done working on it

I also just realized I spelled eeveelution wrong three times in a row

I think Ash's adventures in Sinnoh were the best. There was always playful banter between him and Brock and Dawn. He fully evolved two starters, (!!!) the theme songs were all great and catchy, lots of funny, happy and sad moments that legitimately made me feel all types of emotions, lots of rivals and the all around character development. I truly wish it'd never ended. ; ~ ;


EXACTLYYYYY!!!!!! I mean think about all the arcs and mini arcs we had:

  • Wallace Cup
  • Twinleaf Festival
  • Pokémon Summer Academy
  • Grand Festival
  • Sinnoh League
  • Team Galactic Three Part Finale
  • Iron Island
  • The Snowpoint mini arc with Paul, Reggie, and Brandon

Plus there were so many rivals AND reoccurring characters, like you said that allowed so much character development. Kenny, Zoey, Paul, Barry, Jessilina, Ursula, Angie, Reggie, Stat Trainers, Nando, CONWAY, Team Galactic, Cynthia, Hunter J, everyone is so evenly balanced.

Gosh everything in DP is so well played out. Even the fillers are so well written. A lot of people say Dawn is so boring, but she has such a great character arc and I think her journey as a Pokémon Coordinator is so interesting. Plus, she also loved to battle, as well.

I could talk about DP all day, sorry.


shooting stars aren’t people falling off rainbow road they’re fallen little mac players doing their side b